Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday: planned overs!

 Dinner for 6 Saturday night left me with a nice bit of roast beeef and a tub of beef based gravy.
Pantry ingredients flesh out the beef stroganoff that will be tonight's entree for 2 (DD can't eat this due to restrictions but has homemade soup planned).

 Here is the planned over gravy from the pot roast. Half of the fat was used to saute the onions and mushrooms, the remaining half is now jarred with other beef tallow for future cooking. I turn to this in lieu of butter or oils in cooking. My cholesterol levels remain great.
 Sauteeing the vegetables. I later added the gravy, the can of soup and whisked it all together, seasoning with some freshly ground, black pepper. Meanwhile, I cooked the egg noodles and cut up the leftover beef roast.
 Here it is, simmering away.
Just before serving, I will fold in some sour cream and top with some Paprika.

 Ready to serve!
My dinner plate.

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meme said...

Wow - that came out looking delicious!