Monday, December 12, 2016

Lunches this week

While I do have some homemade chicken rice soup available, I also reserved a cup's worth of cooked rice to make a cream of tomato-rice soup some time this week-one of my favorites!

Today, I turned to leftovers, finishing the pate chinois and having a cup of tea with lemon. Cold, raw, damp day today.

After my lunch, I set to fixing a sandwich filling for DS #2's lunch tomorrow.

 Looking to eat down the pantry, I turned to this lurking can of chicken breast, purchased in anticipation of my return to college. I noted that it is packed in chicken broth, so I decanted the broth right into the aforementioned chicken rice soup, waste not, want not.
A chopped branch of celery, the canned chicken, black pepper, French tarragon, dried minced onion were bound together with some mayonnaise. This tub of home prepared chicken salad now awaits me for next morning, in the meat drawer that currently contains a baggie with 2 strips cooked bacon, a pouch of sliced Pepperoni, a packet of tofu, a pkg with some low salt turkey breast from the Deli. I need to go shopping, but want to limit my expenditures, wherever possible. I am pretty much out of lunch meat so I am turning to alternatives. This should do nicely with some lettuce on some home made herb bread. Later in the week, I can use the last 2 cans of tuna, PB & J.


meme said...

The chicken salad sounds really good! I usually eat leftovers from dinner for lunch the next day (since we make enough to feed the daycare children for the next day).

Belinda said...

The chicken salad sounds good. I have three cans of chicken on hand and will use them to make something similar. :)