Wednesday, December 21, 2016

January 2017 menus


It's time to plan January's menus:

1-roast turkey (moved from Christmas but I always do a turkey on the 1st), stuffing, baked yams, freen bean casserole, shrimp cocktail
2-planned overs
3-turkey sheppard's pie with whipped yam topping, green salad
5-baked ziti with cheese, fzn mixed vegetables, salad
7-fzn chicken stars soup
8-crab and Swiss cheese quiche, carrots, coleslaw
9-fzn beef stew
10-creamed salmon over boiled potatoes, roasted Butternut squash, fzn peas
12-stirfry over rice, fzn pot stickers
14-lentil soup
15-CP pot roast, mashed potatoes, fzn peas with steamed carrots
16-baked fzn Salmon fillets, rice, fzn Prince Edward vegetables
17-turkey burgers using fzn meat, mashed potatoes, fzn mixed veg
19-hamburger and macaroni using fzn Italian sausage, mixed green/waxed beans
21-split pea soup
22-meatloaf using fzn meat, mashed potatoes, onion gravy, corn
23-planned overs
24-CP turkey chilli, corn bread
26-spaghetti with fzn meatballs, salad, green beans
28-salmon chowder
29-pork chop bake (fzn chops), apple sauce, beets. fzn peas
30-Salmon-Swiss quiche, coleslaw, FR green beans
31-baked chicken legs, herb seasoned noodles, cabbage and stewed tomatoes

Other than salad greens, and ususal perishables including cheaper produce such as carrots, cabbage etc, there is little I must buy to complete these menus.


Hawaii Planner said...

Looks great! I'm always impressed by how far out you are able to plan your meals. I'm happy with a week or two, but you always inspire me to go further out. :-)

meme said...

Looks like another delicious month! And - I also enjoy seeing the actual food!!

I thought of you today as I unwrapped a Christmas gift from a daycare child's mom. It was a set of snowman salt and pepper shakers - wrapped in beautiful heavy foil paper - I carefully "untaped" it so I could reuse the wrapping paper!

BlogReader said...

Sounds like many delicious items! Are your grown children allowed to select their own food on any given night? For example if they don't feel like having what you've selected can they make their own dinner? Or do they have to follow the food plan you have set out for all meals? Thanks for sharing.