Monday, December 12, 2016

Home furnishings maintenance

 Recently, a local handyman posted on a FB page that he is looking for work. I have used his services in the past, and reached out to him to get some household furnishings attended to. First up: 4 of my second hand, dining room chairs, once again, had come unglued/apart. Before they break, I needed them fixed. Thhis is an oak, Pennsylvanis set that I bought for a song when I divorced, paying something like $129 total for the set. In addition to the chairs, I had my second hand metal, round picnic table repainted (no photo).
 This second hand, entry hall mirror was painted a shiny black,
as was this second hand, dumb waiter table that I use as an additional night table in my rooom. He also installed a drapery rod over the kitchen dinette window and hung  picture in the master bathroom for me.

The HM always undercharges, so I always overpay. : )

 For much less than a cost of a new dining chair, I got all of these repair/refurbish items off of my to do list.

I continue to set aside monies monthly to address these type of issues. For me, it's worth it.


meme said...

I love your snowman tablecloth!

BlissfulButterfly said...

Very nice! Handyman did a great job with the paint!

Carol Farley said...

The mirror and table look great. Did the man spray them so as to get such a very fine finish? I use to do some furniture restoring but never used paint only varnish, etc.