Monday, December 12, 2016

Energy conservation=home comfort

Although this unit is only 10 years old and what I consider energy efficient, the windows still are significant areas of heat loss. I have been cold next to the dinette window and looked into getting some additional drapery rod pieces. I called the company that was used for what I already own (used at former rental) and was told that they no longer sell directly to the public but would take my order and contact information and pass it along to someone who would be able to help me. I never heard back.
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Recent shopping on line gave me the idea to see what is available as an alternative. I ended up with 2 super clearance panels from JC Penney:

 As with all of my post divorce purchases of home furnishings,since I am in transition before buying real estate, I am sticking to neutrals. These are Martha Stewart insulating panels, exactly what I had bought for the slider doors in the living room (those are more of a brown color).
 I checked on line with Home Depot to see what kind of drapery hardware they carry and found something suitable at a reasonable price point.
I preordered for customer service desk pick up at HD to save me time and to avoid the risk of someone buying them at the store before I could get there and picked them up, in and out within 5 minutes. I love that service! My 63" drapes came in, but JCP failed to contact me, so I kept checking on line, finally finding that yes, they are in. Going to the Mall, I immediately felt a sense of doom once I saw the crowded exit ramp off of the highway, and the crowded lot. Ugh! Luckily, I found a parking spot outside of JCP, and after waiting for about 10 minutes in line, I was able to be served and complete the transaction. I did iron the drapes but remain unhappy at the fold lines in them. I anticipate that I will launder them and touch up with an iron.

The LL was here for a repair and complimented me on the drapes. I guess we have similar taste.

Cost: Approx $15 for the rod, $38 and change for the drapes. The additional replacement parts that I explored from the drapery company (to use with existing, second hand Waverly drapes that I bought at least 15 years ago), would have cost me even more.

So in the end, I have an updated look for less cost, the comfort is improved in the dinette. Both the rod and drapes could easily be reused in a future home.


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I have insulated drapes in my living room (three windows) - they do make a difference in keeping the heat in. We have replacement windows, but live in a 110 year old house.