Friday, December 30, 2016

Cleaning supplies, a quick trip to Dollar Tree

 Having completed the range clean up for now, I found that I was left with 2, left handed gloves for cleaning. Time to get some more. I checked on the supplies under the sink
 grabbing a new, large scrubbie and cutting it in 1/2, creating 2 scrubbies. I got this trick from Belinda
 I am just a few minutes from a Dollar Tree, although I do prefer the other location in my city, as it also carries a few refrigerated and frozen items that this store doesn't. I picked up some needed cleaning supplies, happy to grab the last 2 pairs of longer cuffed cleaning gloves (the Brillo ones to the right).
 While there, I checked the store for any bargains, coming home with the last of the 10 count vs usual 6 count packets of maple oatmeal that DS #2 really likes. This is a Canadian brand and is very good. I also grabbed one lone box of brownie mix.
 In the H & BA department, I grabbed some items that were on the grocery list: swabs and band-aids.
Finally, I bought a smaller sized calendar for my kitchen message station corkboard, where DD will write in her work hours.

$19.76 spent.


Belinda said...

Thank you for the shout out, Carol. I still cut my scrubbies in half too. Saves me money in the long run.

We've been eating oatmeal all week here. It's great food for these cold mornings.

bbarna said...

Turn one of the gloves inside out and you have another pair to wear. Barb