Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas holiday cooking, what's for dinner?

 Traditionally, my Christmas celebration takes place on Christmas Eve, when I serve tortiere, a French Canadian meat pie.  French haricots verts, simply steamed, accomplanied along with cornichons. I also had a tin of mixed nuts and a cheese platter: smoked Gouda, smoked Gruyere, Brie, Cheddar, herbed Boursin and a variety of crackers.  I also had some Proscuitto and an assortment of thinly sliced, Italian spiced meats.  Cold shrimp cocktails, and to drink: a cranberry-pomegranite seltzer I bought at Trader Joe's. Assorted Christmas cookies for dessert seekers.
 The kids celebrate Christmas also with their Dad, going over for Christmas day afternoon. Meanwhile, I cooked a 99/lb butt ham, made some mashed potatoes, and heated some fzn corn.
My Christmas luncheon plate also included the rest of the Boursin cheese with some crackers, the rest of the shrimp cocktail. I intentionally made extra for a no cook day on Monday (today). This morning, I served fried ham slices and over easy eggs to those wanting breakfast. Lunch will be Y.O.Y.O. with leftovers, and dinner is the aforementioned repeat of my ham luncheon for tonight's dinner.


meme said...

We had ham and mashed potatoes yesterday for Christmas dinner too. The ham leftovers today were turned into a "sweet and sour" ham with cherries, leftover pineapple - over white rice (and broccoli). Tomorrow I will use the last of the ham for daycare lunch - along with leftover butternut squash and leftover potatoes.

We had our homemade pork pie for Christmas Eve dinner - and leftovers were served for breakfast.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Oh wow your meat pie looks just delicious!
We also had ham and eggs this morning. I am guessing most everyone who ate ham for Christmas did too!