Friday, December 30, 2016

Another cleaning the gas range report

 I've been getting a lot of suggestions onhow to tackle the gas range. Re: the black and brown spots speckled still over the interior window glass of the oven, someone suggested Bar Keeper's friend, which I had still on hand, leftover from a cleaning project some years ago.

 My supplies: BK, a spray bottle of 100% undiluted white vinegar, baking soda
 I made a paste of the BK and baking soda, adding water to get a correct consistancy. I rubbed it around, using an old tooth brush as well as a brown Pampered Chef plastic scrubbing block (not sure what the official name is!). It took a few minutes but once I was able to loosen all of the remaining spatters, I spritzed on the vinegar and let it do it's magic for a few minutes. I wiped the solution off with a rag a few times, until it was all removed, finally polishing it dry with another rag.
I am not sure that you can tell, but here is the now pristine, clean interior glass window. I am quite pleased.

Now an update on the 3 grates that I placed into a lidded, plastic tub with some amonia overnight. Pictured above is the center grate, which really wasn't that bad. It is completely cleaned off. No black charring was really ever on this, we're good to go.

The front part of the right side grate is completely degreased, I scrubbed some more black gunk off, but black, charred on grease remains.

Ditto for the front part of the left side grate.

Final thoughts on the amonia fumes technique:  definately degreases completely, softened some* of the burnt on grease, which I wish to completely remove.

I'll call this 85% satisfaction rate. Only other thing I can think of to try is placing the 2 side grates in a plastic tub and using oven cleaner on them.

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meme said...

This afternoon I was reading my free Martha Stewart Living magazine - in it was a "hard to clean" kitchen area with suggestions. It said on stove grates to use soda - Coca Cola. Same way as the tub with ammonia - just Cola.