Monday, December 5, 2016

A WWYD quandry


Quandry: on 11/18, a local woman posted on a FB freecycle type network that she was looking for HH goods, in particular, kitchen items. I know her family, although not her personally. Early 20's with 2 young kids, was living with inlaws, sounds like the young family is finally getting their own place (they were teen parents). Great. I reached out that I had some items, posted a photo, she wanted all save 2 items (which I donated recently as I am in decluttering mode). Arrangements made for pickup on 11/27. Just prior to the appointed time, she reached out that she had to take her son to the walk in clinic, could she maybe come later that day or some day the upcoming week?. Great, thanks for the communication, let's reschedule for the upcoming week.

 I heard nothing. I reached out 2 days later, she replied right away, appololized, the whole family has been so ill. (I am assuming that the kiddo gave the rest of the family whatever he had)  I replied, no worries, please get back to me by Fri to reschedule pickup.

 As of yesterday morning, still no response so I sent yet ANOTHER text asking if she was still interested.

 I want this box OUT, it would have been donateed along with the rest that I recently donated. I don't want to come off as a biotch . . but should I send yet another follow up stating that if you don't come and get the boxed items by X day, they are donated? I've been more than accomodating, and am trying to help this young family out, but geez . . .WWYD? 


Belinda said...

Maybe you could text her and offer to drop it off?

CTMOM said...

She lives in my former town, some distance away and I simply don't get there often. I just don't care for the lack of further communication. I hope there is nothing serious going on (medically) but I inferred that it was a cold/flu/stomach bug as the whole family came down with it quickly.

Tracey said...

I would text her and say that someone else is interested if she has changed her mind? This gives her the chance to say yes please or actually no thanks.
If you then hear nothing, you can drop it off to goodwill. That's what I would do.

Ms. Sandie said...

I agree with Tracey, one more text. Someone else is interested, if I do not hear from you by (fill in the blank). Then you can donate after the deadline. I have sold five things this month on FB. I had to do this as well, so many no shows and stringing me on.

Debbie said...

I like Tracey's idea as well. I had someone buying something from me and they had to reschedule twice. Luckily I too know the family and I know that they are truthful and honest people so I was more than happy to accommodate them. If I had not known them, I probably would have given up but since they reached out to me to tell me what was going on, I was willing to help them too.

CTMOM said...

Debbie, the kicker for me is that I am GIVING these items to her, for FREE.