Monday, December 12, 2016

A sad looking fruit basket

 That's all folks! 4 pieces of fresh fruit remain on hand. I do still have some frozen, and some dried.
I topped off this week's offereings with the remaining canned pineapple and pears. I also have both commercially and home canned apple sauce to round out this week's offerings. I do plan on doing a light grocery shopping today (I had some service calls here yesterday and there was an impending storm so I pushed my shopping off until today)but fruit isn't on the list, if I am recalling the sales correctly.

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Lili said...

We're down to just oranges, for fresh eating fruit, here, too. I have a few aging apples to use in baking, otherwise it's canned pineapple, a little dried fruit, and frozen fruit. I miss the ability to just grab something fresh for snacking, when we run so low on fresh fruit. But we do fine, as we can make up the nutrients in other foods we eat.