Monday, December 26, 2016

A lovely, consumables based Christmas

 Besides $ from Mom, and a small box of chocolate truffles, I received the following gifts this year: 2 smaller sized, wooden cutting boards (a request)

A candle that makes a crackling sound as it burns-first I've ever seen like this.
Christmas cactus plants
 A winter themed mug and a tin filled with 4 assorted types of tea
 A white with black, porcelin basin
 filled with an assortment of beauty care products, the brown soap to the left was a separate gift
 a pump soap
 Lavendaer scented foot care items, a French themed, small zipper case (perfect for carrying a  toothbrush and paste to work)

More pump soaps

2 pairs of fleece lined, thick crew socks

A pair of purple slippers was included with the lavender foot care items; sadly, they are too small.

Perfect gift items!


meme said...

You had a beautiful Christmas! Maybe you would be able to "regift" the too small slippers to someone, or perhaps sell them on a facebook sale page.

Ms. Sandie said...

Merry Christmas!