Sunday, November 27, 2016

Yet more mending this weekend!

A few weeks ago, I set up a sewing station in a corner of the great room.( sewing corner) Since cathing up with a large stack of mending, I've made concerted efforts to keep on top of it, by actually scheduling "Wed" as mending day, which is something I have done with all housework as a means to getting it all done within the course of a week. Certain chores are assigned to certain days, and moved/carried over should I have another commitment or I am not feeling well.

After fixing DS #2's sleep pants on Friday, I came across yet more mending this weekend:

 As I did laundry this weekend, yet more towels, including some repeat customers, reappeared on my sewing table. Pictured above is the phase 1 of towels plus a pair of boxers that were also mended.
More laundry meant yet another towel and a small hole in a thermal henley that needed a minute of my attention.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

I try to keep up on mine--I'm lucky to have a sewing corner in the "computer" room--a small room which has two old desks, one of which holds my sewing machine ever at the ready. An ironing board completes the decor in there! When I see something that needs mending, I toss it over the back of my sewing machine chair, where I have to walk past it frequently. It's more likely to get done if I keep seeing it. Inevitably the wrong color thread is in the machine, although I have learned from quilters that a med grey thread is great when you don't have a large stash of colors or just don't want to change all the time. I find the grey even better on jeans than navy blue, believe it or not. It seems to show less. The only thing there at the moment is a dress my granddaughter brought to Thanksgiving dinner. It needs a sleeve hem mended (and ironing!!) If she catches me on a good day, I may even iron it. She got a fabulous Rowenta iron last year for Christmas and the ironing board to go with it but has since decided ironing is not much fun. I used to hate it when I had little girls cotton dresses to iron and my husband's fatigue uniforms but these days there is so little ironing to do, I don't even mind it.