Saturday, November 5, 2016

Weekly stock taking

This is ever more so important as I brace for the busiest time in my schooling/training for my new career:

 Leftovers continue to be  served for lunches, to avoid food waste. A quick stock take and a wipe down of shelves.
 We're in great shape for the new week.

Pictured are my 3 jars of reserved fats: pork from bacon/ham/pork sausage, poultry from chicken/turkey, a small tub of beef tallow. Using these fats in cooking greatly reduces my use of butter and either vegetable oil or EVOO. I literally just had my cholesterol checked again, I remain under the guidelines, so no issues there, at present.

 Items I need to incorporate into this weekend's baking: bananas (brown from being in the fridge); I am thinking muffins, not sure yet.
Rice krispies, gluten free marshmallows for rice krispie bars

Older apples to be turned into a pie.

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