Saturday, November 12, 2016

Weekend baking, including an experiment

Planning ahead today, by baking for the upcoming week, including this family favorite:

Prune cofffee cake

I also am experimenting with gluten free bread for DD. We've tried various GF bread products, including wraps and loaf style bread. She wasn't thrilled by the wraps, especially when reheated for things like quesidillas (sp?). We've regularly been buying Aldi's GF bread:
 At $3.99 a small loaf, and using approx 2 loaves/week, this is adding up quickly.
See the tea spoon to the right? that is to show actual size of the bread slices. There are about 12 slices per bag, a normal serving, per the label, is 2 slices.

When we first started this journey, I also bought a few mixes to try, including the KA bread mix above, which was prepared this afternoon, and is now baking off.  This particular box was purchased at Whole Foods, where I used a "welcome to the neighborhood" $25 off coupon, stocking up on GF ingredients. I am calling this a freebie. It retails at WF for $6.99/box, makes 1, 2 lb standard sized loaf. I also had to use eggs, the yeast packet that was included, vegetable oil, and milk (used almond milk as DD is also on FODMAP diet).

 Since I was using the mini oven to bake off the coffee cake, I used the top as a warming/proofing station for the second rise. Worked well for me. The sticky dough was covered, as instructed, with a Pam sprayed sheet of plastic wrap, then I placed a folded over, cotton terry dish towel on top.  It's to bake 50-60 minutes @ 350F. I told Dd that if it tastes OK, but is somehow off in texture, we can reserve this for bread crumbs, croutons, fish/chicken coating, etc.

 Took 40 minutes in the mini convection oven to bake off. I used a thermometer, as instructed, to ensure that the middle was at 200 degrees. Top flattened out as it baked, never rose like traditional bread
Nice crust, and I like the color of the bread, pictured here is the side/bottom view. It's cooling off now, DD will try some with cheese burgers tonight.


DD gave this bread 2 thumbs up, likes it better than both Udy's and Aldi's. This particular loaf cost me 3 eggs, oil, almond milk, so let's say $1. A mix sells for about $7, but I do have all purpose, GF mix to give a try, creating my own bread mix. I also found 2 highly rated recipes on the KA website to try.


Barbara Gantt said...

Have you seen any of Against the Grain products? They have a bakery in my town. DS worked there for a year. His wife is GF and really liked some of their products. They have loaves of gread, pita pockets, pizza crust, pizzas and other things. Hannafords carry their products here. They are worth a try. Barbara

CT Bargain Mom said...

Bob's Red Mill products have loads of gluten free too....their website might even have recipes.
I've always liked their stuff.