Saturday, November 5, 2016

Use it up!

 I am getting down to the dregs of a lot of my few make up items that I use. Pictured above is a free to me, Lancome make up  kit, whose blush I have been using, pictured next to a generic plastic mini tub that already contains some salvaged blush turned into a powder (I crushed it).
 This morning, I used up the Lush shower gel sample that I got a while back (see black mini pot) and this became my inspiration to combine bits of this n that as far as tinted lip balm goes. These are ancient, but still are fine, just not much left in any of the containers.
I combined the blush into the white pot, and will be using that up before I open a new package of blush that I already have on hand. I also combined the multiple berry flavored lip balms into the now overflowing black mini pot, which I simply capped, and set onto my large bathroom vanity. I will use this a lot, now that the weather has turned, and soon will be able to get the cap on, and leave it in my purse for my use. I prefer a stick applicator over a finger applicator for sanitary reasons, but since I will be the only one using this lip balm, I am ok with it for now. I am still hanging onto the Lancome make up kit as there are several shades of powder brown eye shadows that I can use.

Cost for my efforts: $0, and

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meme said...

I use my lip balms right to the bottoms too. I use a q-tip or a side of my cleaned tweezers to get out all the balm at the bottom - it can still go a long way. I stopped wearing make up when I began working at home - back in 2004.

Love your deal on the soap! I like to ask for things I need at Christmas too. (socks, soaps, hand cream, etc)