Friday, November 25, 2016

Trying to get a handle on energy costs at the new rental


We are now well into the heating season, rain has been coming on/off and will continue so all day, into this evening. Temps won't climb out of the 40's, it's overcast and damp. When we moved here, the realtor who used to live in this complex, advised to expect to pay $200/month for utilities (meaning gas and electric). Since coming to this area, other than a few years in an electric heated appartment, I have had oil. We now heat with natural gas, central air conditioning is electric. Water that used to be heated via an oil fed boiler is now electric; still makes no sense to me as to why electric was chosen over on demand, gas water heaters.

My cooking methods haven't changed.
One kidlet who was notorious for using alot of water to shower, no longer resides here
My laundering practices remain the same, although we do have a gas dryer.

I recently got the new gas and electric bills: electric went up (we're using a furnace that does use electric), as did gas (central heat as well as a gas fire place that I was told wouldn't be "too bad" per the LL).

So moving ahead:

1- I tweaked the thermostats: reducing the time frame that heat is elevated upstairs, and lowering the temp setting for the elevated heat down to 65 degrees from 68.

I am hoping that being sandwiched between 2 other townhouse units will help, come Winter.

2-increasing my consumption of hot tea over plain water (kidney patient here, so I must continue to consume a lot of water)

3-Adding some extra layers:

Today I am wearing a thicker pair of knit pants; a long sleeved, V necked "T" shirt; a heavier acrylic? or cotton? if not a blend, shawl collared sweater; my new "birthday scarf" double wrapped around my nect; my LL Bean wicked good, sherpa lined mocassins.

4-serving pots of hot tea with dinner

5-keeping a lap throw on when sitting around the living room (for tv, reading, visiting, what have you)

6-spoke with other kidlet who recently started taking far too long showers, explaining the necessity of lowering our energy costs

7-added flannel sheets to the beds, as well as extra blankets

I now anxiously await next month's bill.


Linda said...

I wear a t-shirt under a sweatshirt. I don't wear my good scarves at home I spill food/drink on them, get them dirty when cooking, and the scarf gets grimy from skin contact. However, I do wear a short child's scarf, a quarter from a yard sale. When I want to type and it is way too cold, I use fingerless gloves. I put my feet on and ottoman because my floor is cold and then cover them with a throw. My house is probably much colder than yours because I don't have central heat, just a space heater.

meme said...

After I read this post, I looked at my own couch and loveseat. I have five throw blankets of different sizes/materials for using when sitting on the furniture. They really help in keeping warm, although they have not been getting much use by me this winter.

My heating and hot water costs are going to be high this winter. My husband has finished his three rounds of very aggressive chemo which has taken a toll on his body. His three tumors in his neck have shrunk considerably and he is headed for surgery, more chemo and about 8 weeks of radiation. His chemo treatments/cancer has made him very cold all the time, even when warm out. He wears two pairs of socks, sweatpants, t-shirts/sweatshirts in layers, thick knit hat on his head (lost all his hair), over that he wears a zip up hooded sweatshirt jacket, but it still cold. He can not wear a scarf as the chemo burned the skin on his neck from the inside out and it is painful. So he is taking many long hot showers to warm up, and our heat is much higher than normal. But, I firmly believe it is for this winter only as the doctors said they are looking to cure him. So it will continue to be an expensive year for us. I have been trying to compensate by taking very very short showers for myself and only washing my hair once or twice a week. I am using the dryer less and less - my main playroom (I do home daycare) right now has all the shirts from the week on hangers - hanging around the room drying.

CTMOM said...

Linda, climate is significantly different here in New England vs where you are in the South. I wear aprons when cooking, and may* choose to remove a scarf, if deemed appropriate. I launder them as needed, which is very infrequently.

CTMOM said...

Meme, sorry that your DH continues to struggle. My Dad was a cancer patient, I understand about temperature regulation concerns.

meme said...

Thank you CTMOM! I am sorry to hear about your Dad.

Precious People Preschool said...

We used to have a gas fireplace. I know it is strange but it was very costly to run(as much as a space heater) I am sure you will get it all sorted out. Our weather was is
still warm some days. It was 81 yesterday.
Have a great week.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I have a friend who is on chemo every day for kidney cancer. He is also cold all the time, and is sleeping a great deal more than he normally does. He likes hot baths too. His hands and legs are cramping a lot as well. I assume these are normal side effects. He's always been slightly heavy and is losing weight due to just not feeling like eating. He thinks he looks great but he looks so thin to me!! It's hard to see anyone you care for go through this disease!!

~Carla~ said...

Our last hydro & water bill (heat/air) was the lowest it's *ever* been in years!! $215! I was honestly floored! Mind you neither the air nor the heat was on much, but the heat is now on at 19c (66F) and will stay here till it gets to be *REAL* winter. I hope to keep our bill down for a while as well. I wear 3 shirts, 2 socks, suede moccasins with real fur, and warm track pants daily. Lol! I'm forever and always cold, Everyone here knows to layer if they get cold, but so far it hasn't been too bad. From what I hear we're supposed to have a wicked winter though, so we shall see! Hope your next bill lowers for you!