Friday, November 18, 2016

This week's freebies

Junk mail this week delivered an envelope from St Jude's with a notepad and some address stickers.


At my final exam this week, the teacher brought in some fresh pizzas for us, to celebrate the end of the class. Very nice of her to do so. One workshop and now one course down, another workshop and 2 more classes to complete come January. I did very well on this week's exam, 100%, so I finished off with an A average. Not too much of a concern as this coursework is all pass/fail. Nice thing, too, is that I now have my Tuesday and Thursday nights back. I never have any classes on Fridays, so I am down to Mon/Wed. The rough 2 weeks are over, things will continue to ease for me.

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meme said...

I love that freebie from St. Judes - I get it sometimes too.