Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving preparations

 Earlier this week, to allow time for the relish ingredients to marry, I made my cranberry-orange relish
 The food processor made short work of it!
Yesterday (Tues), I picked up my preordered, 15 lb turkey from Stop and Shop, taking advantage of a $5 off promo. It was reserved under my name, of the weight I requested. Ended up costing my just overe $10 for a 15 lb bird, so I am quite happy. No questionable ingredients either and certified gluten free, although I now wonder if other companies add some form of gluten to theirs!

Today (Wed), I plan on baking my pies, and cranberry bread. As my tradition dictates, supper will be take out pizza!


Lili said...

Hi Carol, I wonder about the gluten thing and commercial turkeys, too. Could that just be a marketing ploy, or do other companies add something that could have gluten in it. Just when you think something like a turkey is plain old meat, and nothing else.
I hope you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving!

meme said...

Our turkey is defrosting, pork pies have been made (that is dinner tonight) and probably breakfast tomorrow too!

I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving!