Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving preparation: baking ahead

 I learned years ago to pace myself when it comes to holdiay preparations. Enter recent health issues, and this has become ever more important. Bottom line: what I want to get done, does get done, if I put myself on a schedule. : )  
Item one on the list: cranberry-orange tea loaves or quick breads for Thanksgiving morning's breakfast. 2 sad, older tangerines were used up, before adding the required OJ, thereby avoiding food waste.

 I noted no change in the final product.
 Not the only bread baked, once again, I tried KA flour's sandwich bread. Still not rising as I'd wish. Very good tasting, however. It's now presliced, frozen for DD.
 I also tried a recipe for a streusel topped GF coffee cake, adding a layer of frozen blueberries under the crumb topping. Excellent! was the verdict.
 For desserts, I had a hankering to make a pecan pie, something I haven't had in years. When I went to grab pecans out of the freezer, I noted that the pecans (fresh) I bought this year (also from Aldi's) were chopped pecans containing 2 extra ounces in the bag. I don't recall seeing whole pecans this year at Aldi's. I used the older pecans first.
 Baked off pie. Some areas look burnt in this photo, but they are not.
DD also tried her hand at a GF coconut-pumpkin pie. The crust was a real bear to work with, she ended up needing my help with it. There was a bit leftover (crust) so I rolled it out, buttered it, sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top then rolled it up on itself, making pie crust, pinwheel cookies aka "roulettes" that my family has always made with extra pie dough.


TrayceeBee said...

Your pies and breads look delicious! And, I had to smile about your use of extra pie dough...Growing up I watched my grandmother do this and now do the same for my girls! =)

Marcia in rural WNY said...

We did the same but didn't roll them up--just baked them flat.

I never HAVE leftover pie crust. I roll just big enough and then patch uneven spots. It all goes in the pie!