Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving leftovers and what's for dinner?

 I feel that I did very well, food amount wise, this year as regards Thanksgiving planning, including "planned overs."  Tradition for me is to serve Thanksgiving at a luncheon meal, then we fix up leftovers plates that evening for supper, a YOYO approach, saving this cook some energy. : )

Pictured above is what remains after I fixed myself a luncheon plate today of turkey with gravy, stuffing, cran-orange relish (not including 1/2 a cranberry bread, 1/2 each of GF coconut-pumpkin and pecan pies). A large, gallon sized baggie and an orange covered Pyrex container (another cup or so picked off of the carcass after making stock in the Crock Pot); about 12 oz of a jar filled with cranberry-orange relish;

UPDATE: once I fed DS #2, 3 items were used up plus he polished off the remaing apple cider from a Mason jar. Awesome!

  3 1 cup containers of gravy, sweet potatoe casserole; sausage stuffing; a med sized rectangular container of GF stuffing.
Here is a large Dutch oven filled with homemade turkey stock, cooling down before refrigerating. Fat layer will be removed and saved for sauteeing, the stock used for soup.

Supper tonight: turkey tacos!


meme said...

Supper tonight for us is leftovers too ! Turkey pie is already made, frozen now in the freezer, turkey soup frozen now in the freezer - using for a simple already made meal sometime before Christmas. We have some pie left (apple) which my daughter had for breakfast - as she said, "apple pie for Thanksgiving dessert, in the morning it becomes an "apple fruit tart" with coffee"!

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

CTMOM said...

Meme, you can tell your daughter that the Colonists often had pie for breakfast, it was very common. : )