Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Talking turkey

 This past Sunday, I used the Crock Pot to cook yet another of the 4, sale priced, hotel style turkey breasts that I bought this past Summer, in the middle of a heat wave. They waited for cooler weather in my garage freezer. Cheap eats, to be sure. Pictured is a plate of planned overs that were served yesterday, Monday.
 As usual, right after supper, I stripped the carcass and returned it to the awaiting Crock Pot, then covered it with water. I again repeated the stripping process.
 I am always amazed that I can cull yet so much more off of the cooked bones. I call this "scrap meat." This will be used in a soup later this week.
 A large bowl of turkey stock was produced in the process.
 Since I was in the kithen,  also used the food processor to grind up the dried out regular bread heels into crumbs,
as well as the gluten free bread heels for DD's use.


Linda said...

Looks good! What is "hotel-style" turkey breast? I buy boneless and bone-in turkey breasts. Okay, I am off to vote!

CTMOM said...

A bone in Turkey breast with wings. Usually includes the giblets and neck in a bag.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I seldom see these in our area. I prefer dark meat but husband would be happy with just white. I plan ahead and buy about a 16 # turkey for 5 adults, and give DD and SIL about half the leftover turkey, and give the grand-daughter what she wants for one person (although she finally has a new roommate now!). We divy up the sides the same way but I get to keep the gravy. They buy theirs in jars anyhow. This way everyone has leftovers. Although I will admit to making another pumpkin pie a day or two later, just for us. The last couple years, the store has cut up some of their sale turkeys and sold them after Thanksgiving in pieces about 1/4 of a turkey sized. I would buy those if I can catch them and freeze for another time in the future. Otherwise turkey is pretty much a once a year thing--SIL doesn't love it, and for Christmas they all want lasagne. Although ground turkey we do use quite often.