Saturday, November 12, 2016

Taking a page out of Sluggy's book

I've taken a page out of Sluggy's book:  Sluggy's shopping.  Yesterday found me over at Shoprite, taking advantage of some bargains, but paying a total of $3.03 out of pocket.

The bill came to $73.03 after using a slew of coupons. I paid using $20 in SR gift cards recently sent by the newspaper when we renewed a subscription, a lingering $50 Visa gift card, and finally $3.03 in actual cash. Cheap trip to be sure! What I bought:

2 bottles cranberry juice (sale + cpn)
4 29 oz cans diced tomatoes with basil/garlic/onion-great for a quick pasta sauce (sale)
2 jars Bertolli spaghetti sauce (cpn)
1 bottle Ajax detergent(cpm)
4 pkgs Bob's red mill GF pizza mix(sale)
4 cans SR tomato soup(sale)
3 12 ct boxes Ferroro Rocher truffles(sale plus cpn)
3 lb bag Halos mandarins(sale plus store and manu cpns)
jar grated Parmesan/Romano cheese(sale + cpn)
2 bottles Suave shampoo/conditioner(sale + cpn)
2 bottles VO5 shampoo/conditioner (cpn)
large bottle Vaseline lotion(sale + cpn)
bottle shower gel (cpn)
large box tampax(cpn)
2 tins Carmex lip balm(sale + cpn)
1 tin Vaseline lip balm (cpn)
2 men's deodorants(cpns on each)
mini can of hair spray(cpn)
bag of throat lozengers (sale)
1 tube toothpaste (cpn)
1 SR tote bag (freebie)

several of the H & BA items will be in what I call "stocking bags" for Christmas.


I also headed over to CVS in order to complete my shopping for one DS for Christmas. I received a 30% off coupon in the mail and after checking the availabillity at the store of the items I wanted, I headed over there before I went to Shoprite, as they are located close to one another. A pricier gift became much more reasonable as a result. I saved over $16 for my efforts. I am now pretty much done with shopping for that DS. I only have 5 people that I intend to shop for. The kid's SO's are getting a box of homemade cookies. I still hope to be done with shopping before Thanksgiving, an annual goal, as I hate the crowds and wish to relax and be able to enjoy the season.


Anne in the kitchen said...

Looking at your list vs. your actual oop! I am bowing to savings greatness!

slugmama said...

I LOVE it! lolz
If only we could do this every time......

Linda said...

Sluggy taught you well. Those are great savingsI have been looking for an opportunity to get a gift card for getting the newspaper.

CTMOM said...

Sluggy-I wish! So happy handing over $3.03 in cash for all that I bought. : )

meme said...

What an awesome shopping trip! That was wonderful you got some stocking stuffers basically for free after using your gift cards for payment (only out the 3 dollars). What a great Christmas help.

I have four people to shop for at Christmas (husband, daughter, two grandchildren).

I also buy my six daycare children a toy for Christmas - those are bought in late winter on clearance (generic type gift). I buy each of my daycare moms a small gift (clearance - this year I bought six Bath and Body Works - Vanilla Bean Noel shower gels on clearance late last winter too).

It sounds much too daunting for me to say I shop for sixteen people at Christmas! So I like to break it up into groups!