Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Taking advantage of seasonal deals at the grocery store


List in hand, I headed over to Stop and Shop the other day, to cherry pick the Fall seasonal deals that they have this week. I came home with the following:

-1 S & S country white bread $1.49
-1 S & S sesame seeded rolls for dinner $1.50
-2, 18 ct large eggs @ $1.29 ea. Unbelievably, we were totally out of eggs!
-5 bags Birds eye steamer bag fzn veg. While I prefer the 16 oz @ $1/bag, these were on sale buy 5, pay 99 each PLUS I had a $1/cpn so paid $0.79 each out the door. I bought mixed vegetables, peas, green beans. Come this time of year, while I do try to continue to offer up some fresh produce, it's limited to onions, potatoes, cabbage, celery, carrots for the most part, and some stored Winter squash. Farmer's markets and gardens are done. We brace for Winter. I like to have fzn and canned on hand to extend the variety I can offer my family, as I will not buy imported (except for Canadian) produce.
-2 boxes Bells stuffing @$2.84 after sale and cpn
-bag Lay's chips @ $1.99 w/ store cpn
-5 bottles (2 L) coke products, buy 5, pay $1 each
-box of Bells seasoning $2.59
-12 assorted cans DelMonte no salt vegetables (kernal corn, creamed corn, spinach, Fr green beans, cut green beans) These were on sale, buy 12 and pay 44 cents ea. I had a doubled coupon, so 80 cents more off, paying approx 37 cents/can. Cheaper than Aldis
-2 large bags "Fall" M & M's @ $2.15 because it's after Halloween, and they are pushing Xmas colored ones now. If I apply DS #1's associate discount, I paid 77 cents/bag for this treat. : )
-2 4 lb bags Domino cane sugar (DD must only use pure cane) after doubled couponn and sale, I paid 84 cents-not a typo! Christmas baking is around the corner
-1 canister S & S gluten free French fried onions crash n burn find @ 64 cents
-2 bottles suave body wash (use to refill soap pumps in the bathroom, watering it down) BOGO with cpn, so paid $1.79 for the 2 of them, in total or 90 cents ea
-large pkg ground beef 85% $2.99/lb. We had burgers one night, the rest is in the crock pot today for chilli,
-bag of Halos mandarins on slae plus store cpn and manufacturer's cpn=$2.88/3 lb bag
-1 bottle Pom tea 50 cents after sale and cpn
-qt Dannon yogurt $1.99 after cpn
-qt Stonyfield organic whole milk yogurt $2.99 after cpn

I also bought 2 large (250 count) bottles of Nature made vit D3 gelcaps as they were 50% off. I paid using HSA monies, so not included in here. It's a medical expense.

Total paid: $53.02.

I also went to Dollar Tree and grabbed some of their 18 count medium eggs that just came in (it's a grab them when you see them issue) so another $2.


Linda said...

You bought 4 doz eggs? Or, was that a mistake? Those are good prices. I looked to see where shop n stop is located...booo only in MA. We have S&S here, so I thought it was the same store. DD can only have pure cane sugar? As opposed to powdered sugar or what? No brown sugar?

CTMOM said...

Linda, 4 18 ct pkgs = 6 doz actually. We use a lot of eggs. Stop & Shop is headquarted out of Boston BUT is throughtout New England. Sister store is Giant Eagle out towards PA, Ohio. Yes, DD can only have cane not beet sugar. We have to read labels. She remains on a restricted diet, is feeling much better, we trial reintroducing foods one at a time and wait for side effects.

Linda said...

Okay, I understand now. I just thought you made a mistake. Eggs are good for everyone! I never use anything unless it says cane sugar. People love cheap sugar until I tell them it is beet sugar and beets are Roundup ready. When I reintroduced wheat, my body went crazy, but only with whole wheat.

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