Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stocking up with Thanksgiving food sales


I pay close attention to the flyers. This is the time of year to stock up on all holiday foods and baking supplies, as well as both canned and fzn varieties of vegetables. Every week, I make a list of what is on sale at various stores in my neighborhood, and compare them, attaching manufacturer's coupons if I have them. Tomorrow starts yet another loss leader/stock up week at Stop and Shop:

spend $25 (easy) and get a Stop and Shop fzn whole turkey @ 59/lb, limit 2
S & S canned vegetables 39 cents
Hotel Bar butter $2.49
S & S 16 oz fzn vegetables $1
S & S canned pineapple $1
S & S 15 oz canned pumpkin 79 w/ cpn
Tureky Hill ice cream $1.88 w/ cpn
Ritz crackers $1.88 w/ cpn
Ocean Spray fresh cranberries $2

Shoprite's sale starts on Sunday:
LOL butter (including a new variety: "European style"?) $2.88
The following are all 88 each if a combo total of 10 is bought:
Lindsay black olives
Ronzoni lasagna noodles
Tutturosso 29 oz tomatoes

5 lb box sweet potatoes $2.49
4 lb Navel oranges $2.99
broccoli crowns 99/lb
Breakstone sour cream $1.24
Libbys canned veg 79 cents
SR mayo 30 oz $1/99
Green Giane cannned veg 49 cent

So I see shifting things around in the freezer space to determine how many turkeys we can get. I need to spend another $130 ish at SR in order to earn a free turkey.  Meanwhile, the freezer and pantry shelves are getting stocked, we'll focus on eating it down come January.

Are you trying to stock up the pantry and/or freezer?


Anne in the kitchen said...

As crazy as this sounds, I am trying to use up my freezer so I can restock it.

Linda said...

I am trying to get the turkey from last spring out of the freezer so I can buy turkey breasts. THEN, I can put things in the freezer. I don't consider January eating as eating down the pantry. I consider that I have lots of food cheap so I don't have to spend so much for weekly food.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I got one turkey today-and it easily went into the freezer, much to my husband's surprise. I bought 4 cans of soup (regular 1.99 for 88cents each) and 1 can evaporated skim milk and I don't know if I can get them into the cupboards. That was after re-arranging to get last week's canned good into the cupboard. I bought just enough for the minimum order to get the turkey today--few specials for things I needed anyhow. Will be spending minimal amounts for the rest of the year, I think.

Belinda said...

Some great prices, especially on the sweet potatoes. I would pick up a couple of boxes if that were here.

Sugar is on sale here this week. $1.22 for a four pound bag, so I will be stocking up on that this week.

CTMOM said...

Belinda, there is a limit on the sweet potatoes of one offer, but they are on my Thanksgiving list, we'll enjoy the savings this month. : )

Unknown said...

There are printable Land O Lake butter coupons for .50/1 the half stick butter available. I also found some older printables in my coupon folder for the European butter for .75/1. My store doubles coupons which will make it a stockup price for me.