Monday, November 14, 2016

Shopping for holiday extras and "earning" a free turkey

Sunday's shopping top up trip included picking up some essentials, as well as gathering some "extras" or fancier ingredients to enjoy over the next few months, which are filled with holidays. Doing so, with list and coupons in hand, meant that I had earned enough "points" to get a free turkey, which I will pick up next week and pop it into the freezer.

I bought the following: 2 huge pkgs of toilet paper (sale + cpn)
steak sauce (cpn)
8 jars of relish/pickles
1 Hellman's mayo(sale + cpn)
3 boxes fanicer cuts Barilla pasta(sale + cpn)
2 lbs organic cane sugar(cpn)
1 pouch instant potatoes(sale + cpn)
3 qts reduced sodium chicken stock(sale + cpn)
1 Tide simply clean(sale + cpn)
1 tube each: imported Italian garlic paste and tomato paste(cpn)
2 bars chocolate for Xmas(cpn)
2 boxes Lipton herbal tea(sale + cpn)
2 jars Barilla imported Italian pesto(cpn)
1 jar Goya manzanilla stuffed with pimentos olives(cpn)
1 tub Bob Evan's mashed potatoes(cpn)
5 lbs yams @ $2.49(cpn)
1/2 gal lactose free milk
qt 1/2 & 1/2
Deli cold cuts: beef bologna, Hard Salami, P & P
1 Mrs Smiths mixed berry fzn pie (sale + cpn)
4 rolls fzn Jamestown pork bfst sausage
1 energizer specialty battery for the door bell chime

I saved $19.40 with doubled up to $1, coupons

Out the door, I spent $98.21: $92.71 on actual groceries, $$2.33 on household, $3.17 on Xmas.

I shifted items from the garage freezer to the kitchen freezer, and have enough room for at least 2 whole turkeys. One will be this freebie (we've decided to have turkey at Christmas) and the other will be a sale priced one that I pick up this week or next.


Regine Karpel said...


Busy Bee said...

Good savings! We've been stocking up on things for the holidays, too. My goal is to not have to run out to pick up anything if possible.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

We haven't had earning programs for free turkeys for several years here, although I only paid 58 cents a pound, so I'm not exactly complaining.

Anne in the kitchen said...

We don't have any free turkey options either, and as of today the cheapest I can find turkeys is 99 cents a pound. Hopefully Wednesday's ads will have some cheaper.