Monday, November 14, 2016

Keeping an eye on food waste

 While I attended a 3 hour workshop this morning, I left my crock pot cooking the pork bones and the strained onion and garlic from last night. Once home, I strained it once again, this time yielding yet another 4 + cups of rich pork stock. This will be defatted (reserving the fat in the pork fat jar) and the stock frozen for a future soup, stew or casserole, if not gravy.
 I never stop being surprised at the amount of meat that I am able to collect off of what I thought were picked clean bones. At least a cup's worth of cooked pork meat.
I tackled quite a bit of housework today:  laundry, vacuuming the floors and rugs, cleaning bathrooms as well as cleaning the refrigerator, checking on foodstuffs on hand that need to go soon.  even emptied the various waste baskets, and placed the large trash bin outside for tomorrow morning's pick up. IPictured is the leftovers shelf, much of which will be tonight's supper: roast pork with gravy over mashed potatoes, gravy, choice of Brussels sprouts, Butternut squash.  I have another 3 hour class tonight, but since it's located here in my own city, a few minutes away, I can have an early supper, the kids make up plates for themselves. DD worked the morning shift so she's here to help with DS.


Linda said...

All my broth now tastes like carrots! I won't use it for gravy now. But, I have plans. You sound like you were a whirlwind today.

cheryl soergel said...

I have a question, every time I put my turkey or chicken carcass in the crock pot to make stock, the meat is dry and I don't use it. I cook the stock on low usually but let it cook all day. Is that my problem? Cheryl

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I wish I could still accomplish what I used to be able to. I did wash the kitchen floor today and that's about enough for me these days--although that included wiping down the cabinet fronts too. The kitchen needs more when I have the time.

And Linda--if you try Penzey's vegetable broth base, it also tastes mainly of carrots. I love it for cooking rice in. Carrots are very popular with us anyhow.

Anne in the kitchen said...

You have been in a cooking/working frenzy!

Don't you love having freshly made broth rather than the canned or boxed stuff! I agree about how much meat you are able to pick off a bone. It always surprises me too!

CTMOM said...

Cheryl-I usually let my soup stock go a few hours, sometimes overnight. Never noticed dried out meat, however. I use the bones/skin/pan drippings from roasting meats, cover with additional water and let it go on low. I don't add celery/carrot/onion; I am really looking to extract any residual cartiledge from the bones. There is plenty of seasoning from the herbs originally used in cooking. I hope that helps.

cheryl soergel said...

Thank you.