Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Crash and burn finds

Yesteday, I went over to pick up my preorder turkey from Stop and Shop and picked up a few deals in the process, including some great Crash and burn finds:

-6 ct store bakery Portugese rolls $1.74
-12 ct pkg raw beef/pork/veal Italian meatballs $3.03
-3 count, PRISTINE package of Puffs tissues (BTS decorated boxes perhaps?) $1.18-not a typo! So we'll have "elementary" themed tissues for a while
-1 15 ct box of gallon sized storage bags $0.49
-1 can store brand sloppy joe sauce $0.37
-1 large 29 oz can store brand fruit cocktail in juice pack $0.59
-2 cans store brand pink beans @ $0.17
-1 can Goya butter beans @ $0.34

I baked off the meatballs right away, made a cheese topped meatball sub for lunch, using jarred sauce.

Additional deals:

-1 Arnold bread $1.89 (sale + cpn)
-1 Beef steak Rye bread $2.29 (sale + cpn)
-1 wedge Stella Parmesan $3.99 (sale + cpn)
-1 lb LOL unsalted butter $2.49 w/ cpn
-1 Tropicana OJ $1.88 w/ cpn
-1 O Spray cranberry-tangerine juice (for Thanksgiving) $1.88 w/ cpn
-4 cans Progesso mac and bean soup $1.25 ea (sale + cpn)
-4 jars Barilla spaghetti sauce $1.50 (sale + cpn)
-large box dry milk for bread making $8.99
-1 Crest toothpaste $1.99 (sale + cpn)
-asparagus @$1.88/lb w/ cpn
Including my turkey, I spent $65.96 out the door. I also bought some additional items which will find their way into Christmas stockings so I won't share more as DD reads my blog. These items were (sale + cpn) finds, saving me $12.07 over usual cost. : )


Lili said...

Those are some awesome deals on the C & B items, especially those canned items. I haven't seen a can of anything priced that low, in over a decade, maybe two decades.

CTMOM said...

Lili, just one of my tricks to keep my pantry full. They also had what looked like 50 15 oz cans of pumpkin. I already have quite a bit on hand (in cans and homemade, fzn puree) so I didn't get any. They were marked @ 44 cents/can. CHEAP!