Monday, November 7, 2016

Coming up with a new plan: the sewing corner

 Originally, when we moved here, the plan was for me to use the lower level "den" as a sewing room. I was concerned, however, that it would be cold down there and that the absence of natural light would be of concern. The room has grown chilly, and while there is a wall unit, electric heater, I prefer to avoid that. There is forced, central air also heating the space. I had to wait a bit, but DS #1 finally came over and brought my 2 sewing machines upstairs to the great room. There is a corner, near the sliders, where I also keep the drying racks, which is also now my sewing corner. The mending has been growing and needs to be addressed. First, I need to set up a sewing station.I started with the thread. Pictured in the purple lidded container, are my usual colors to the right, and odd ball colors for mending to the left. I try to use these odd ball colors up first whenever possible.

Here, you will note that the collection of odd thread colors has grown: I culled through ALL of my mostly inherited thread and sorted accordingly. Not to worry, I still have MORE:
A second tub overflowing with colors of thread that we wear as clothing, so definately will be used.
 Additionally, I have a slew of inherited mini thread/repair kits containing mostly neutral threads, some odd colors. I tend to turn to these for sock darning and pet toy repairs.
The pin cushion is being laundred, I've organized my commonly used supplies in a basket. More to sort through but this will give me a good start as I attack the mending basket.


Lili said...

I've struggled with no viable place to set up sewing, permanently, in our house. I prefer to have a room where I can leave a project in process, and not have to worry about cleaning up. I also need good light and heat. It sounds like you came up with a good place for your sewing area. I'll keep thinking for mine. In the mean time, I've taken over the dining room table. (We've been eating in the kitchen lately.)

meme said...

That was a lot of mending! I can remember as a kid, my mother had a "sewing basket" next to the living room chair she sat in at night to watch tv. That was when she did any mending she needed to do, while watching tv (all hand sewn, she never used a sewing machine) - but then again - she never sewed towels, etc that frayed - they always were cut up for cleaning.

I have all my thread, needles in a basket, but don't seem to do much sewing anymore - my RA fingers can't really do that anymore.

CTMOM said...

Meme, I normally do not have it build up as it did, plans started in Jan for the June move, enter unexpected July surgery, back to school, etc. It's been a bit crazy! Now that I have my sewing station, in a bright (with both natural light as well as ample articicial light) in a warm room, not sequestered alone downstairs, I hopefully* will continue to stay on top of it. Yes, I also like to do a bit of hand sewing while the mindless TV is on. Like you, OA and now PSA, not to mention 5 hand surgeries have impacted my OT skills. I just do it in spurts, stopping when I have to, for another day.

meme said...

oooh, five hand surgeries! Has it been that many now! I get terrible swelling between the knuckles on both my hands and in my fingers from the RA. I cut up overly frayed towels for cleaning rags, and thankfully - I have not had to sew a piece of clothing in a very long time.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Arthritis is one of my problems too--my doctor has a great response to my complaints. He is exactly one year younger than I am, so if I complain about arthritis he starts complaining back to me "yes, that's what bothers me the most as well." Right now we haven't eaten potatoes in a few days because my right thumb is too sore to peel one, but I'm hoping it will get better soon. It usually doesn't stay sore for too long at once. He was giving me medication to take but it makes me too sleepy during the daytime, so instead of 4 a day, I take one at bedtime and just deal with it the rest of the time. I do have some Lortab if I really have a flare up but I can't stay awake with that in me either!!