Monday, November 7, 2016

Checking over the clean laundry, and a ball of thread

 As usual, whenever I fold laundry, as I did this morning, I am on the lookout for any repairs. Discovered one of my linen napkins that was unraveling along the edge and a hole starting. 

A quick search, thanks to yesterday's organizing efforts, unearthed a random thread of a close enough green to hand stich the edge together. I grabbed the needed green thread from this "ball of thread" that somehow, mysteriously, was included in amongst my sewing notions. No worries, while many would choose to toss this mess out, I have set it aside and will continue to turn to it for quick hand sewing repairs, ideally in the correct color, depending upon task, but often, my repairs will accept any old color. 

 I did run the hole area under the machine to best reinforce it. I have always used cloth napkins; this is so much nicer at the table, and has saved me a slew of cash over the years. I am especially fond of my collection of Vera Newman napkins:
So pleased with myself for having gotten thru that massive basket of mending. Some projects await now, when I have time.


Linda said...

So many people toss perfectly good items. One friend commented she did not like to use things mended because they looked shabby. I have used cloth napkins for about 30 years, but I make them. That's a pretty napkin.

CTMOM said...

Linda, it's simple home economics. While I don't need to use rags at the table, and I can afford to replace my items when they are too far gone (usually repurposed as rags before becoming actual trash/recyled textiles), I chose, as part of non consummerism, to buy used, make it myself, maintain what I have, which includes mending. : )