Saturday, November 5, 2016

Capitalizing on the grocery deals

 The house remains well stocked as we brace for the upcoming 2 weeks where I will be slammed with coursework, picking up another class and having 2 3 hour "seminar courses" to get through, kind of like a workshop experience, but they are part of the requirements.  Meanwhile, my Sunday grocery trips have tended to be top ups on perishables and taking advantage of any deals. I also watch for deals which end on Thurs at Stop and Shop. One that I am taking advantage of is a promo on their Nature's Promise fresh  whole turkeys. One preorders the size desired at 99/lb, which is a fair price, but then gets the above $5 off voucher. I've asked for a 15 lb bird. So the $14.85 cost, in theory becomes $9.85 or 65 cents/lb-which is an awesome price. This is becoming our Thanksgiving turkey this year. Any other turkey deals will be frozen for upcoming months.
 Another reason that I wanted to get to Stop and Shop on Thursday, was to stock up on Dove soap, a brand recommended years ago and continuing to be recommended by my dermatologist. Normally $6.99 at this store for 6 bars (I've seen it as high as $8.49 at others!), it was on sale @ $6.49. Better yet, buy $10 worth of soap (ok, 2 pkgs) and get an additional $3 off.
I grabbed 4, 6 count packages (even though I still have yet another 6 count pkg under the sink).
$6.99 x 4 =$27.96 or $1.16/bar
$6.49 x 4=$25.96 $1.08/bar
minus $3 promo =$22.96 or 95 cents/bar
minus $4 worth of manufacturer's coupons=$18.96 or $4.74/6 count pkg  or 79 cents/bar

I saved over $9 on this deal but it gets better: I get DS's associate discount of $2.35
so $16.61 total or $4.15/6 count pkg or 69 cents/bar.

I saved 41% on a daily need, and paid 72 cents less in tax as a result. Nice. Including what I already had on hand, this represents approx 7 1/2 months worth of bar soap for me. I won't need to buy any for quite some time. Additionally, I use homemade versions of liquid soap at the kitchen sink, and guest bathroom sink off of the den down on the lower level. All other sinks use bar soap.  I also ask for consumables this time of year with my upcoming birthday and Christmas and may* receive nice soaps to add to this supply. Every soap scrap is saved, and once I've amassed enough, I make one of my "soap cakes" so I know that none is being wasted.


Belinda said...

What a great deal on the Dove. I love getting deals like that!

Ms. Sandie said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Turkey preorder deal. I haven't looked at the flyers yet. Will make sure I do this Tuesday morning.