Saturday, November 19, 2016

Another gluten free bread experiment

Pictured is the loaf of gluten free bread that I made yesterday, already presliced, bagged and frozen for her use. I did trim off the ends, reserving them in a bowl on top of the mini toaster oven, to later turn into GF bread crumbs for her.

This time, I used a recipe from the King Arthur flour company website: gluten free bread recipe and used their mixed all purpose flour in the recipe.  Like the KA bread mix, this batch didn't rise like a traditional loaf would, and this batch was a bit flatter than my previous efforts, in part, I suspect, to some aging yeast I am using up. DD sampled the bread heal, deamed it very good.

So, I trudge on. I used approx 1/2 of a box of the GF flour (on SALE @ $5.49/box) so call it $2.75 plus the cost of additional ingredients already on hand (Xantham gum is an expensive ingredient but was one of the freebies I got at Whole Foods ). In total, I am guestimating that this particular loaf cost me $3 to make vs using the aforementioned bread mix (another WF freebie)@ $6.99. The bread is also significantly larger than the mini loaves sold at stores for $3.99 and up.


Linda said...

You can use regular flour? I am allergic to gums! I'm glad you can make something for her. Did she ever consider giving up breads or grains? Just curious.

CTMOM said...

Linda-no, DD can NOT have gluten, found in regular flour. Instead, I have trialed premade mixes, and now making my own mix, using KA blended, gluten free, all purpose flour. Xantham gum is essential in GF baking to give it proper consistancy as there is no gluten. There aren't many grains that she can have, luckily oats are OK.

Carol Farley said...

Carol,do you think these GF breads don't rise as much as regular bread baking due to the absence of the gluten (nothing to do with the age of the yeast)? Just a thought as I have not had any experience with GF baking or foods.

NAN said...

Carol, a blog I read sometimes (I'm from Iowa) has a lot of GF recipes. The blogger was diagnosed with celiac disease after the birth of her first child- Iowa Girl Eats. She had to adjust her blog and whole life!

Precious People Preschool said...

Hi Carol,
My favorite gluten free bread is Udies. It taste the best :). They carry it at Trader Joe's. the Trader brand of GF waffels is great too. Not sure if you have a TJ in your area. Sometimes I add 1 ts of baking powder to the GF mix.
Happy Thanksgiving,