Monday, November 28, 2016

A divide and conquer approach to avoid food waste

 Tomorrow is trash day, so Monday tends to be clean out the fridge day, but I tend to keep a keen eye on perishables to use up anyway. I have tonight's leftover/planned over menu set (GF and reg pans of baked ziti with sausage and cheese; l/o peas and carrots mixed with a tiny bit of l/o kernal corn to become the side vegetable for DS #2 and myself, and a green salad) and then I set to going over what remains in the fridge, what must be tossed/used up soon. I also had homemade stock to defat, (saved the fat in a jar for frying), and the rest of the cooked turkey to store as well.


I knew that I had a BBQ "pulled turkey" sandwich planned for early this week, a recipe that really masks the typical turkey flavor at this stage, post Thanksgiving, but when I looked at my meal planning calendar, I quickly realized that I never completed December meal planning! I normally do this on/about the 15th of the prior month, so Nov 15th would have been the time to do so. The past few weeks have been the major rush through my coursework, so this doesn't surprise me. I knew that I had planned several months out, so I must have assumed that Dec was already covered. No harm done.  So, this afternoon, I planned out our meals for Dec, taking into consideration my "frozen assets" that I need to use up soon, as well as DD's newly diagnosed food issues. I'll post the actual menus on a separate post, it'll be easier to read through.

Back to my 3 bags of turkey above: one is just bigger pieces of turkey that I'll make the aforementioned pulled turkey sandwiches out of, the second is diced for an upcoming chilli and is now frozen, the last is for an upcoming Shepard's pie and is now frozen, as is the stock in baggies and small plastic containers.

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Debbie said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today and am so glad I did. :) It sounds like you have a good handle on your leftovers. :)