Sunday, October 2, 2016

Weekly trip to Shoprite


As I read the Sunday paper this morning, I made a point of writing down the deals to be had this week, clipping coupons. I matched some deals with additional coupons from my coupon pouch and made my lists up.

I bought the following: 150 oz bottle of Purex detergent $3.99 (got  a bit on hand but would be a fool not to grab this deal), 50 oz A & H detergent 99 cents with cpn, 4 lb pkgs Colavita stelline and mini shells for soups, 2 pouches of organic table sugar @ $2.39 ea, 4 28 oz cans Bush's beans @ $1.99, 2 pkgs store brand wide egg noodles @ 99, 1 marked down pkg Bob Evans breakfast sausage patties $3.49, a bone in whole pork shoulder @ 99/lb, 2 pkgs Bob evans mashed potatoes @ $1.49, 2 tubs baby salad greens @ $2 ea, bananas @ 49/lb, 2 3 lb bags apples (CT grown!) @ $1.99-apple sauce making is on deck this week; 2 Pillsbury crescent rolls and 4 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls @$1.67 ea, 4 lb blocks of Galbani mozzarella @ $1.49, Trop OJ @ $1.99, assorted bags of fzn Hanover vegetables such as french cur green beans, broccoli florettes, Zuke/Summer squash blend, peppers/onions, whole green beans at 99 each, 1 tub Breyer's ice cream @ $2.50.

I spent $77.84, saved $12.65 with coupons.


meme said...

I did our grocery shopping today. Spent 140.00 - ugh - but needed to get some extra things for my husband -- he had his first chemo on Thursday - and is very very sick now - since saturday afternoon. This is the first time in years I did the groceries by myself and had to carry in all the bags alone (along with heavy gallons of milk and water). I noticed how much worse my RA has gotten since the last time I had to do this alone - has been a long long time.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I notice that Tops, for those in the north east, has shank end hams this week for 99 cents a pound and butt halves for 1.09 a lb. I will be buying at least one of these this week, and probably eating it for the next 6 or 8 months! That's a rare deal around here.