Saturday, October 1, 2016

Updating the wardrobe


Now that I feel that I have plenty of new to me additions to my Fall/Winter shirts, my focus today has been on pants. I have lived in the 6 pairs of cropped stretch twill pull on pants I have from Kohl's, all Summer. I can go a few weeks more into October, but the weather is turning. I actually  had a pair of pull on black gabardine pants the other day. I have 3 indentical pairs, and they no longer are sold at Kohls. Additionally I have 2 other pair of black pants on their last legs, no pun intended. More long pants are needed.

Kohl's is having one of their "lowest prices of the season" sales so I went on line to avoid the crowds, order 2 pairs of clearance pull on pants, and 3 sale priced pull on pants. I am not sure on size needed as the aforementioned cropped pants ran large, so I ordered a size down last Spring. If needed, they can be returned/exchanged. I now live 5 minutes away from a Kohl's store. Free shipping to my home, I should receive them this week. I got chocolate brown, 2 navy blue, grey, stone. I have LOTS of black in my closet, so this is expanding my work/home choices.

I am set on extra layers such as sweaters, fleece, coats but would LIKE an eggplant purple cardigan. I would only get it if found second hand, super cheap deal at a store such as Kohls.

Footwear: I am set on rain and snow boots, have a pair of Merrell type clogs. I need to cull the shoes I can no longer wear due to my bunions, replace my black flats. Get a pair of sneakers? I set aside $50/month towards my personal clothing budget. It's there when I need it.


meme said...

Kohls is having a great sale this weekend! I recently bought my grandson's gifts for his October birthday and for Christmas (clothes and a much wanted "minnions" bowling set) - earning ten dollars in Kohl's cash. My daughter went over to kohl's today for me and picked up four of the big one towels @ 2.99 - combined with a 15% discount - they were "almost" free.

Linda said...

Now, I wish I lived near a Kohls. Always get more black pants before you need them. You will need more black pants when they are full priced. Ask me how I know!