Friday, October 28, 2016

The pantry principal: filling it with deals

 Here is the pantry, located down on the lower level, it really is a utility room with extra shelves. Perfect for storing a food pantry.
 The back wall, showing my home canned goods.
 One item that I added today was this: four, 5 lb bags of All purpose flour. While I prefer unbleached, at $1/bag from Dollar Tree, I am going with this.

Well in date, it is best by the end of Feb (someone really should tell them that Feb can't have more than 29 days!)2018.


meme said...

LOL on the 2/30/18 date! I wonder if all the months are preset to the 30th.

meme said...

I love your pantry. You have a good stock for your family

thyme2save said...

Pantry and freezer storage are like keeping a light in the window.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I find that in our area, the best deals of the year are found between September's school start and the Christmas holidays. I have been stocking up like crazy the last several weeks. Yesterday's total was 48% off with coupons and store card, and I actually hit 51% off a couple weeks ago. My cupboards are literally stuffed to the doors with bargains. My "normal" week is nearer 28-30% off.
I use the pantry principle all the time and get quite mad at myself if I ever really NEED something that is NOT on sale. I have a little shelf space in the basement I can use for overflow. It's hard for me to resist a $1.99 item when I can get it for 70 cents. I'm slowing down now as I am really well stocked for at least the winter months on most items. I generally won't buy more than 12 of anything as we are only two people. I do keep some "heat and eat" items on hand for possible snow storms and power outages, however. We have a generator and could run the microwave. My stove is electric, so no stove--would double the size of the generator needed and that costs too much.