Saturday, October 8, 2016

Target deal

I do prefer Gain deteregent, I just don't like the usual price. DD and BF were heading out to Target recently and DD asked if there was anything she could pick up for me while there. Actually, there was. 100 oz bottles of Gain were on sale @ $10.99 (customarily sold at $14.99 range). I prefer never to pay more than $5/50 oz bottle. Add a $2 coupon off a bottle, this dropped the price down to $8.99/100 oz or $4.50/50 oz equivalent-my go to price. Nice. But wait! Buy 2 (and I had 2, $2 coupons on hand) and I'd get a $5 GC from Target, so $6.49/100 oz, $3.25/50 oz equivalent). Better yet!

I've recently stocked up on a ton of laundry detergent at awesome prices. Deals like this one are hard to pass up on, it'll keep just fine in my laundry room cabinet.


Anne in the kitchen said...

In my way of thinking you couldn't afford to pass this deal up. Detergent deals, like toilet paper deals,, are always a stock up item for me. If it is something I use daily or nearly daily and will not degrade I am going to stock up when deals are stellar.

Belinda said...

Great deal on the Gain! I love the smell of Gain too. :)