Friday, October 28, 2016


Yesterday, I went through my spice cabinet.

When I moved here, I decided to separate my spices. Baking spices were stored with baking supplies in the upper cabinets over the microwave/range and the refrigerator. Common "all purpose" type spices are stored in a single level, Rubbermaid lazy susan  (one of the 2 layers of this 30 year old lazy susan had warped making it difficult to use; rather than tossing/recycling it, I use just the bottom level as a single lazy susan next to the stove). The upper corner cabinet is where I store most of the other spices, including refill pouches from Penzey's.

Yesterday, I refilled/topped up several of my spices: pepper corns, ground ginger, ground pepper for the table, Bavarian spice, French tarragon, celery seed. I reuse/repurpose many older, glass jars in doing do. The jar used for my ground ginger, for example, is an old, old "Ann Page" spice jar from A & P-that's easily 40 years old. The tarrragon jar is a newly repurposed, Dijon mustard jar. The McCormick jar is actually refilled with a pouch of celery seed from Penzey's.

In the process, I unearthed several premixed seasoning blends, and salad dressing mixes from Penzeys that I need to use. Being on a restricted sodium diet means that I am using up (I informed the nephrologist that I wouldn't toss, but rather use up then replace with reduced salt/no salt homemade versions. He is on board with this. He happens to be European so perhaps can better appreciate my no waste efforts.) That said, I am finding that as I tweak my cooking, I am gravitating to certain spice blends, rediscovering others. My "needs" for spices is therefor reducing.

This is good.  It seems that as I am getting older, there is less and less stuff that I want and need to have. More and more, I am adopting a more minimalist approach.


mikemax said...

I went through my spices a couple of weeks ago and bought (in bulk) the ones I needed, and refilled the jars. Cost less than a $1 to fill three. I got all of my jars when MIL died 11 years ago, and just gave all that were left to a friend who had a fire and is just now moving back into her house. She said it was the best gift she had received so far! (other than MIL's French knife).

I've tried many ways of storing spices in the kitchen. The one I like best is to lay them on their sides in a kitchen drawer, in alphabetical order. (I know that sounds terribly organized for a right-brainer like me). I divided the drawer so that I could use all of the space efficiently and not roll around. I have extract bottles on a Rubbermaid turntable in an upper cupboard. I bet my turntable is older than yours! (I used it for spices for literally decades, but could never find what I wanted without a search).

Linda said...
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