Friday, October 28, 2016

Spices at the stove

 Linda posted a comment on another post about my practice of keeping spices at the stove, citing issues with degrading due to heat and light. Since this is to the right of the stove, it's in a dark area within the kitchen. I tend to use the front left burner, this is located away on the other side. Pictured above is what I am calling "spices at the stove." It also contains a can of Aldi's "Pam" spray, salt and pepper, as well as pot holders at the ready.
 Beyond S & P, I keep seasoning blends here: pictured above are the salt based ones, which I need to use up and not replace, due to my medically imposed, salt restricted diet.
Here are the bulk of my salt free blends: the blue cap is a homemade version of Mrs Dash all purpose "table ready"? I think it's called.

I am not concerned about either light nor location near heat source. All of my herbs are up and away in a cabinet.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

After living here a while, I had my husband use some old wood he found in the barn to make one shelf which is next to the stove and just within arm's reach for me. (I'm short.) It matches the rest of the dark woodwork in the kitchen, and I keep my most frequently used cooking spices there. I have lots more in another cupboard for baking, etc. but the ones I use the most stay on the shelf and I don't have to keep getting them out and putting them away. I find it saves a lot of time and effort for me. The shelf is over the bookcases where my cookbooks are--I have quite a few.

Made a stop at Penzey's today--my granddaughter works just a couple doors away and we took her a piece of mail she needed which just arrived. Good thing I only needed one thing and had to rush back to the parking meter before the time ran out--there are too many good things in that store. As it is, I got two free spice samples with my one jar purchase. Not a bad deal at all.

Busy Bee said...

I do the same with some of my spices. My kitchen has a walled corner near the stove. I keep the items I use most there and normally do most of my cooking on the other side. I've found I rotate those so quickly that there is not a noticeable change in them before they are used up.