Saturday, October 15, 2016

Something old is new again

One of the perks of the on line community, is the sharing that happens between bloggers and their readers. Recently, Lili, a blogger that I follow, referenced a small snack cake that she had made for her family. I subsequently asked her to post her recipe as it sounded easy, used on hand ingredients, was economical, was very versitible, and could be baked off in a square pan using my counter top, mini convection oven. Perfect!

I did a second round of range oven baking today, using up some leftover Butternut squash as well as some overly soft bananas (only 1 1/2 actually). One full banana was combined with the rest of the leftover Butternut squash and after adding some canned pumpkin (an older can I have been meaning to use up), I made a batch of my pumpkin chocolate chip muffins-modified with what I have on hand. This left me with 1/2 of a banana that later measured to 1/4 cup of puree, just what I needed to try a new to me recipe:

Snack cake recipe

Today's version is a banana-maple-pecan one. I was looking for something that would tote well to school for DS as well as myself. This was super quick to make, didn't require any eggs either!

I ended up making a maple buttercream frosting, and adding orange sprinkles on top just as DS #1 and GF came thru the door unexpectedly. They liked the cake!


Linda said...

You are a regular baking machine! It all looks delicious! Now, I will go look at the recipes.

Belinda said...

Looks great!

kelley said...

I hope your kids know how lucky they are with all your baking...especially DD...kudos for being such a good Mom!