Saturday, October 8, 2016

Shopping for a new lifestyle


After spending a few days researching just exactly what DD can eat on her very restricted diet (FODMAP plus a GERD diet), we made a list of ingredients to look for at Whole Foods and decided to go there after DD got out of work on Friday.

Here's what we got:
gluten free tortillas, 2 lbs strawberries, grapes,

 buckwheat flour, gluten free pancake mix, gluten free pizza crust mix, vegan Mozzarella, firm tofu, Xantham gum for baking, Cheddar with chives, red chard, fresh chives,

heirloom tomatoes (she can't eat but they were on my regular grocery list), herbal tea, vanilla yogurt (again for us),

 gluten free bread mix, gluten free all purpose mix, gluten free biscuit mix, 2 boxes quinoa pasta, a loaf of gluten free bread, garlic infused EVOO (an experiment as she can't have garlic, so hoping a drizzle on food will be tolerated).

I used my own bags, saving 10 cents/bag. I used 2 Android ap coupons (tea and $2 off fresh produce), I used the $25 off/$100 purchase coupon.

Out the door: $82.28. The cashier was impressed.

So, while not "whole pay check," this is a pricier store. In searching for hard to find ingredients, we are now keeping a keep eye out at all retailers. We later discovered, for expample, that the local Shoprite carries many of the brands of GF foods that we looked at while at WF, and a lower cost (don't forget, I got $25 of free ingredients from WF due to the coupon they sent me).

Carla over at My Happy Haven highly recommended Namaste mixes. Prebaked GF treats are obnoxiously priced, and these mixes are very expensive ($8.28 Brownies, $5.19 muffin/scones). I found a local source at a natural health food store that I frequent.

We figure that we'll experiment with homemade recipes as well as mixes and determine which she prefers.

Are there any other brands that you would recommend? sources for acquiring either ingredients or mixes?


Linda said...

Walmart has xanthum gum in a bag, possibly cheaper than Whole Foods. Berry Crocker gluten free chocolate chocolate chip muffin mix was only $1.49. There were other flavors of mixes, I just got the chocolate. If she has problems with the rice flour items and finds something better, will you please share that with me? Have you looked at Walmart for this stuff?

CTMOM said...

Linda, we did note that several of the items purchased at WF were significantly (like $2?) cheaper at either Shoprite or a local, family run health food shop. We avoid WM at all costs. I really can't stand that store. I may* pop in and see what they carry, but would rather pay more than have to shop there. I both disagree with their corporate practices as well as find the "environment" for lack of a better word, less than desireable. My DD is able to eat rice items as this time. I'd like not to have to reply upon more expensive mixes, prefering to bake from scratch using the ingredients approved for her diets (FODMAP and GERD). It'll most likely save us money in the process.

mmscl said...

A friend is gluten free. She said that Aldi has a lot of GF items, reasonably priced.

slugmama said...

If you have Ollie's up there in Ct they will sometimes carry GF items in their food section. You just never know when/if something will come in there but worth a try. I would think that Ocean State Job Lot, Big Lots, other discounters would be worth a shot too.

CTMOM said...

Sluggy-no Ollies but there is a Big lots about 20 minutes away. Will have to check it out.

Barbara Gantt said...

DIL is gluten free and other allergies. She does a lot of shopping at Aldis. Best prices and a variety of gluten free foods.

LovesbeingMommy said...

Ugh. Blogger ate a lengthy reply which I will try to re-create.

Both of my kids have life-threatening food allergies, which, while not gluten issues, also require us to buy pricey alternatives to mainstream ingredients. Many of the alternatives we buy just happen to be gluten-free, so I have a few suggestions.

Some brands to check for your DD for gluten-free items/mixes/prepared foods/frozen foods/snacks: Cherrybrook Kitchens, Divvies, Enjoy Life, America's Best Nut Company, Gerbs, Ian's, Bell & Evans, Amy's

Some places other than WF (my necessary go-to for many years until alternative diets became more common) where I have found often surprising bargains for pricier food alternatives for special diets (but, sadly, supply and availablity often vary greatly from store to store): Christmas Tree Shops, regular grocery chains (Hannaford's, Stop and Shop), Amazon, the particular company's own website,, CVS -- really anywhere you happen to be shopping (on vacation, etc.!!) take a look and see what the store has and the pricing.

But, even with the increase in availability of alternative foods, I still mainly shop the outer ring of the grocery store and cook and bake from scratch. While the learning curve is very steep right now, eventually, you and your DD will develop a repertoire of recipes and menus that you can whip up in a heartbeat.

I wish you both the best on this journey. Safe, healthy, nutritious food that one's body can readily digest is a game changer for those with dietary issues. So glad to hear that she is already feeling better!!!

CTMOM said...

LovesbeingMommy, thank you for taking the time to retype all of that out! Yes, we're on a learning curve. I told DD that we can't afford to buy say GF cookies (@ $6 count for $4) we can try a mix, give it reviews, and then I can also try making some from scratch, giving recipes some reviews. I made up a box mix of brownies that came highly recommended. I am used to Brownies being a $2 item once additional ingredients come in to play. This box mix, plus ingredients is edging towards $10! I already plan on freezing some for later to ensure freshness and that she doesn't plow thru them! Tonight's supper: homemade qunioa patties, mashed potatoes, sauteed chard, steamed carrots. She gets brownies. : )

Mary Lou said...

If you have a Big Lots, the one near me in MA carries Red Mill brand.

meme said...

I was going to suggest freezing some of the brownies, other snacks that you bake and will freeze well.

My best thoughts to your daughter that she is feeling better.

Larissa Stretton said...

If you have an Ocean State Job lot nearby, they carry Bob's Red Mill for a better price and some specialty items, you may be able to find some other mixes and such.

Thank you for sharing about the 10 pack oatmeal at DT. I was able to find it at our local DT and have been enjoying it stretched with some store brand plain oats and slivered almonds.

LovesbeingMommy said...

From following your blog for years and knowing you from the old KF boards, I know that you do this already, faithfully, but don't forget to "like" specialty manufacturers' Facebook pages, check their websites for coupons, sign up for email specials, send thank you and complaint notes to the manufacturers, etc. to explore all discount avenues.

"You got this!" :-)

Ms. Sandie said...

Namaste has a great spice cake too. Big Y has a large natural and gluten free area now in the produce section.

Crystal Hankey said...

Not sure where you are located but Natural Grocers has a larger GF area than a lot of stores. Have had good luck with Bob's Red Mill at Big Lots. It's always funny to me that people forget there are a lot of GF foods that aren't "labeled" as GF they are just naturally GF. Do you have a Grocery Outlet near you. Ours gets a lot of GF and specialty items to try at a lower price. Take care.

CTMOM said...

Sandie, I'll have to plan a trip to Big Y. I haven't been there in years, but can access one fairly easily. I need to also check Aldi's, a place I frequent often.

CTMOM said...

Crystal, no Natural grocers but there is a Big lots about 20 minutes away in another town.