Sunday, October 2, 2016

Raising cash

Pictured is the Alan White ottoman that I bought off of my former landlord, to use as part of our Den furnishings. Although I downsized considerably, the kids asked to keep a Den on the lower level, off of the garage. Time has shown, however, that it is not being used. I reached out to the couple who bought the matching couch from a set of couch/love seat/ottoman and they came today to buy the matching ottoman off of me for $30. The loveseat remains, along with 2 side tables, an oak tv stand, big butt TV, an extra lamp. I sold the area rug also this week.

DD would like me to keep the loveseat for when she hopes to move out (she's telling me 3 years); I don't feel like storing it for 3 years, however. To be resolved.

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