Monday, October 24, 2016

One man's trash, or recycling in our home, is another man's treasure

DD's BF was recently here and during his stay, he went over to Whole Foods, buying himself some empenadas, which came in this really heavy duty, aluminum tray with thick, plastic cover. Once the foot was eaten, I thoroughly washed this out and have stored it with some other, not as sturdy trays for repurposing when I make lasagna for the freezer. This will be perfect. Another freebie.


Florence said...

Not here on the Texas Gulf Coast. High of 84 today. 😫

Marcia in rural WNY said...

It is certainly getting colder here too. Our heat has been on a few times, but not ALL the time. It's been in the 40's at night, only about 50 for a high today. I even made soup one night last week. Fall is definitely here. We have put the outdoor furniture away too, and husband is getting other stuff done. Today was clean up the BBQ grill day and it's wrapped in a tarp in the corner of the porch. Usually spends the winter in the barn but he's going to try it on the porch this year--barn is full of other stuff.