Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday: planned overs

My larger, oval Crock Pot was simmering today, making a large Tupperware of rich stock to use this week. The bones, skin, residual meat that I initially missed off of the carcass will again be picked through once it cools down enough to handle. I usually end up with 1-2 cups more of meat this way.

*Update: this is what I got off of the boiled carcass

Monday's planned overs: l/o sliced turkey in homemade gravy over egg noodles, l/o aspragus, l/o roasted Butternut, l/o stuffing.

Today starts my crunch time: I am picking up another 2 nights (luckily all additional coursework will take place in my home city) of classes for the next month. In 2 weeks, a once a week day class starts, followed by 2 one time "work shop" type courses I am required to attend. A rough month ahead, so staying on top of what needs to get done, including quick to table, healthy meals which will use items purchased intentionally to get us through (such as sloppy joe sauce, fzn plain veg, canned no salt veg etc).

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