Friday, October 28, 2016

LED lights

I moved the LED bulbs from Dollar Treeto simple on/off lamps. No issues there. I then made a list of all of the table lamps in the house, figuring out which were simple on/off (used more DT LED's there) and how many 3-way or timer lights we have.  I was at Aldi today, and carefully read the package of their LED's; no caution about timers or 3 ways.t  I did invest $3.49/bulb, but I figure that this is cheaper than what I recall Target and other retailers offering LEDs up for.

So in the end, for simple on/off lamps, I saved considerably.

For 3 ways/timer lights, the investment is more than triple that. Meanwhile, a box of CFL's is accumulating. I hate to just offer them up, figure that we'll use them in the ceiling lights just to use them up. I tend to use table lamps over the ceiling lights here, especially as the switch for the ceiling lights turns on 6 bulbs (I kid you not!) in each of the bedrooms, the lower level den, and kitchen, then the LR/Dining room is divided into "zones" of overhead can lights in sets of 4. I did just that in the kitchen of our last rental, vs buying flood lights.

There is a hidious, in our opinion, dining room fixture that currently has 4, 60 watt bulbs. We rarely eat there, prefering the kitchen. Each of the bathrooms has either 1 or 2 fixtures, each requiring 2 bulbs. They all appear to be using 2, 40 watt bulbs. There are also ceiling exhaust fans with lights (cfls-we had to replace burnt bulbs) as well as separate ceiling light fixtures over 2 of the showers, and the separate tub. Again, we had replaced burnt bulbs with CFL's on hand/already owned. My walk in closet has a 4 count, 40 watt ceillng fixture. There is one stoop light, and one back pation light-both still contain standard, 40 watt bulbs. The 2 ceiling lights in the garage, and the door opener already have CFL's. There is a suspended from a chain light fixture in the front entry, but I can't tell what type of bulb is in there.

My ultimate aim/goal, is to completely switch over to LED's for energy conservation as well as astetics.

For those interested, and clients of Eversource: here's a link to the Eversource catelog to buy LED's from them:  Smart Living catelog for LED's


Linda said...

I have enough old bulbs to last me into the next millennium or the rest of my life, whichever comes first. I do have cfls for places I don't go often, like the basement. I do realize that is backwards, but CFLs hurt my eyes and colors are off. I did buy a couple of LEDs but forgot where I put them.

Carol Farley said...

We had switched to the LED bulbs, too. If you have any lights that are dimmable, make sure that the LED bulb says so. Also, having not used the CFL bulbs in quite some time, I seem to recall though that they should not be used in enclosed light fixtures, but as I mentioned, I am not quite certain about that. I know that you don't like Wal Mart but I bought most of our LED bulbs there; the regular, three way and dimmable ones. Their own brand is reasonable and so far so good. With the cost of these bulbs, I wonder when we reach our break even point cost wise?!