Thursday, October 20, 2016

Being proactive


I previously posted about the many steps I have taken since this past Spring:

As I am constantly reviewing where I am personally and financially, these efforts were not in isolation. Decisions were made and steps taken to improve my personal life and health, as well as to position myself well as I transition to a new chapter in my life, on many fronts.

Numbers were crunched, and as the aforementioned post shared, I made it happen. I can* live as I am now, remaining cautious, financially prudent. Great! A major worry off of my shoulders.

The next hurdle has been to continue to explore alternative resources and income streams, outside of traditional employment, to even further my goals. I have been successful in doing just that. The expected sum will make up the difference between my early retirement wages and what a normal retirement would have alloted me. Many things are in the works, but I can safely write that the end result will be increased monies in my coffers, whether used for emergency funds, next car fund, next purchased home fund, general savings. This is all on top of earnings from an anticipated position in my new field. Even if at the lowest of the low, an entry level position with benefits is what I am expecting come January 2017. Securing medical insurance coverage effective next Sept is crutial. Worse case scenario and I have to apply for state sponsored insurance, I will have the funds to cover the premiums, and out of pocket costs, due to my recent efforts.

So, I continue at it, moving forward.


Mary S. said...

Your determination and perseverance are inspiring!

Hawaii Planner said...

Great news! You've handled the changes in your life over the past six months with a huge amount of strength & discipline.