Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gluten free Butternut squash muffins recipe review

I baked a batch of scratch Butternut squash muffins, using this recipe from King Arthur flour, substituting the leftover, organic Butternut squash for the canned pumpkin puree, and also substituting vegetable oil for the butter, to accomodate DD's restricted diet. I don't have or use pumpkin pie spice, instead, I substituted Penzey's baking spice. House smells awesome! Waiting for DD to give these a try and a thumbs up/down. Baking from scratch, as I suspected, will be a money saver over buying mixes, assuming that I can find a good recipe.

gluten free Butternut squash muffins recipe

DD has given these a thumbs up, saying that they are really good, so it's a keeper recipe.


Busy Bee said...

They look great! When we were following gluten free strictly I found Pamela's mixes to be great. I shopped around online and got the best price on large bags of all purpose mix. I'm not sure if your daughter can have that or not but worth looking into. I had pretty good success substituting it for flour/baking mix in most of my recipes.

CTMOM said...

Hmmm . .don't recall ever seeing Pamels'a brand of mixes, but we are so newly into the GF world. I'll keep an eye out. Yes, I used King Arthur's all purpose mixed flour, and it worked well. DD has yet to try the muffins but they seem fine, smelled wonderful while baking off. recipe said that it makes 12, but I ended up with much more. Shrug.