Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gluten free at Aldi

 Went over to Aldi's yesterday afternoon, with DS # 2, to grab a few items and to check out their gluten free items. We came home with 2 boxes of their version of "Chex" which I have bought in the past, a loaf of GF bread.
I also grabbed 2 bags of GF pasta, a pkg of wraps. While DD asked me to check out their bixed mac and cheese, of which they sell 2 varieties, both contain too much dairy and/or milk to be considered at the moment. Best to make it at home, from scratch. She is much more into eating than cooking, as she recently stated, convenience is key to her. So luckily, Mom cooks and is willing to prepare items for her as we ride out this restrictive diet and ultimatley slowly reintroduce ingredients to see if they are triggers for her.

I did find that the GF items were mixed in with the traditional items, so somewhat more difficult to find than say a single section of the aisle with GF options. Lots of holiday and seasonal groceries were also in the store, perhaps somewhat limiting their offerings at the moment.


Busy Bee said...

We really like their gluten free pastas. Perhaps she'd like a batch of pasta salad for quick grab and go?

CTMOM said...

Good suggestion, Busy, thanks.