Friday, October 28, 2016

Gluten free and FODMAP diet

DD continues on her medically restricted combination diets: GERD, gluten free, FODMAP. Slowly, she has trialed a few "forbidden" foods, to determine whether or not she can consume them. A list of "off limits" ingredients is developing.

Meanwhile, I continue to offer her substitutions. She loves the Namaste brownies, and Red Mill pizza crust (Personally, I like that the RM is a kit that even includes the yeast!).  More items were picked up to try today. She also really likes Ald's "live G Free" brown rice spaghetti. The wraps were just Ok, and she didn't like them when heated for quesedillas.

It's a process.


Carol Farley said...

Hope that your daughter is doing better. Has she found any foods that she can tolerate with her small introductions back into her diet?

Ms. Sandie said...

My sister is allergic to gluten, eggs, all tree nuts. I made her garlic and cheese biscuits yesterday using bobs redmill biscuit and baking mix. She said it is a winner!