Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Energy conservation: heat source and Winter weather laundry

Leaving college at 9 p.m. last night, it was COLD! I was wearing a heavier fleece jacket but will switch to my 3/4 down coat tonight. Hat and gloves will be in my tote bag, too. It was very windy when I arrived for class, luckily, not so much as I left, just downright frigid. Temps have dropped down to the low 30's and it'll not get much warmer over the next few nights and day temps will stuggle to rise above the upper 40's, with a cold, raw, mixed percipitation (rain/snow/sleet)day scheduled in the forecast for Friday. The 2 programable thermostats are set, and the heat actually clicked on this morning, upstairs on the bedroom floor. Once the sun came out, drapes opened, applicances run, hot breakfast served, it was better.

Daily chores continue to be addressed, with  laundry being done as needed. A batch of colored clothing was run last night, in cold water, and needed hanging this morning. While the thermostat on the living level is set, it is lower than most would have, and it's chilly, so I've popped the gas fireplace on, and using that versus the central heat for the most part. The LL told me that it can pretty much heat up the whole house. Since it's on, and has a blower unit built in, I am taking advantage of it, to help dry the aforementioned laundry. Even if I didn't move the wash to in front of the gas fireplace, it would be dry (with few exceptions) come morning. I've asked DS #1 to return my box fan that he recently borrowed during a heat wave, to see if having that running as well will help to speed the drying process along.  Meanwhile, I am using the gas clothes dryer for a batch of towels that I washed this morning.

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mikemax said...

Watch your gas usage. Because my gas fireplace is directly across the room from the thermostat, if I use the fireplace, it turns off the furnace and the other rooms cool off...a lot. The bedrooms, in particular, tend to be several degrees cooler than the thermostat setting, and they become unbearably cold if the fireplace makes the furnace kick off. This may not be the case for yours, but I thought I would throw it out.

On the other hand, at our vacation home, we heat all 1,100 sf with a gas fireplace (no other source of heat).