Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dollar Tree finds

I really love Dollar Tree for keeping my grocery budget down, especially as we adjust to DD's FODMAP and GERD diet restrictions.

Yesterday afternoon found me over at DT to try to grab some cheap eggs for baking/cooking purposes, as I prefer to save my free range, organic farm eggs for breakfasts.  I also came across some nice finds: imported Italian gnocci, Goya ham boullion (actually on my grocery list!).

I also found the last 2 small cans of wild caught, Alaskan pink salmon, USA product not from China-ticks all of my boxes! Nice item to have on hand in the pantry, even if I am leary of the salt. Added to a quiche, topping a salad, in a chowder if not salmon patties. Nice!

Additionally, I bought: 4 boxes tissues, 4 8 oz pkgs pork bfst sausages, 4 pkgs fzn blueberries, 2 pkgs Flossers that DS # 2 uses, 2 pkgs french fries, 4 pkgs Braillian sugar wafer cookies, I spent $25.26 total, not including DS's items, which he will reimburse me for.

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Belinda said...

Great deals, and what a great find on the salmon.